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Modesta Ceramic Coatings

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  • Limberline Spur

Service Description

We are proud to be an accredited installer of Modesta - The world's most advanced protection system. Modesta Coatings are regarded as the most sophisticated and scientifically advanced coatings available worldwide. Surpassing its competitors in performance, appearance and customer satisfaction. With a small selected network of the best detailers in the UK, exclusivity and exceptional, long lasting results really make this brand stand out in today's market. Modesta BC-08 - An entry level coating for daily driven vehicles. Traces of Zirconium create great shine and lustre on the paint whilst it's three dimensional matrix ensures excellent water repellency and self-cleaning. The coatings thick layer acts as a barrier to protect the finish of the vehicle from scratches and marring as well as environmental effects. 2 year durability. Modesta BC-04 - A game changing new formula - this flagship coating is the hardest curing coating in the range and offers the very best in scratch resistance as well as providing a beautiful lustre and great water repellency. 5-7 year durability. Modesta BC -05 - Highly hydrophobic, this is the best coating available for water beading and repellency offering a self-cleaning effect making for very easy vehicle maintenance. BC-05 will also add a candy-like gloss to your paintwork giving a unique wet look finish. Offering outstanding protection against all kinds of contamination and oxidation, this is an extraordinary all-rounder option. 5-7 year durability. Modesta Private Label - Combining the best qualities across the range, PL is the ultimate protection for your vehicle. Insane hardness and durability, extreme gloss levels and water sheeting which will cause serious envy, there really isn't another product in contention. 10 year + durability.

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  • Evolution Details Car Detailing & Ceramic Coating Specialists Portsmouth hampshire, Limberline Spur, Hilsea, Portsmouth, UK

evolution details Portsmouth,Hampshire
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